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It was with great honor that we had the chance to be among the Ashrams the UNESCO team visited back in 2003. They took lots of nice pictures while they were preparing the following proclamation 2003:

Tradition of Vedic Chanting in India

Masterpiece of the Oral Tradition & Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Vedic Chanting,  as qualified by UNESCO, is considered to be part of scientific and artistic rituals performed in India. Its origin goes back thousands of years ago  > 
visit UNESCO official website

As mentioned in their presentation, there are very few families left, still performing true and authentic Vedic Yagnas. Most are in Orissa (state where our ashrams are) & some others in the South of India. We are very privileged to have all our Pundits from the family lineage of Brahmins, the only caste entitled to perform those rituals.

Among the various parts of UNESCO’s Action Plan to preserve these traditions, there are school projects so that children descendant of these families can learn, practice and perpetuate this wonderful knowledge. Children must be trained in very childhood, from 8 years old, to be able to perform Vedic rituals properly.
Our Yagnas organization, operating fully independently,  is also involved in the preservation or these activities. Worldwide members sponsering Yagnas rituals, are also funding a Vedic school where children of our Pundits families have the chance to learn their own tradition, with teachings of the elders  > 
meet children of our vedic school

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