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Our purpose is to help people from around the world to have a better life, while keeping alive this amazing knowledge and supporting Pundits families in their dharma. So all our services and support are genuinely offered with all heart and devotion.
Although we are always happy to acknowledge our member's experiences, it impossible to know in advance the optimum impact of Yagna and the speed of their influence in one's life. Results may vary from person to person, and may be from subtle to stunning. It  depends on various factors such as category of Yagna program selected,  karma of the person & its level of awareness. So although most people will feel Yagna, some people may not perceive anything, or may not acknowledge the transformation, or may not attribute their life changes to Yagna. So this being quite a subjective service, we can never promise any results.
Our commitment and promise though, is that your Yagna will be performed according to authentic Vedic tradition by our highly respected and reputable Pundits families. Ultimately, dear Pundits jis performing Yagna is not even responsible for our member's results...it is nature that is...
We are serving happy members from around the world since the early 90's and we never had any complaints or issues with anyone. We are determined to keep it this way, so we kindly ask that if ever you are unclear about our services, to please wait until you understand clearly what we offer & until you are ready to take full responsibility for your Yagna journey, therefore for your expectations & results.


We will


We will answer your questions & share our knowledge with love & patience, however we will never comment on any other organisation. We send our best wishes to all who have good intentions & we believe it is your role to make your own evaluation & choice.
We will be happy to serve you if you are over 18 years old. However, it is possible for parents to sponsor their children, as long as they are the ones in contact with us.
We will not accept to do any Yagna on someone else without their knowledge or consent. Yagna is typically performed for the one sponsoring them.
We will only accept to perform Positive Yagna for betterment of life. We do not do spells or any kind of negative karmic manipulation.




Your privacy is extremely important to us. With great respect, we always us the maximum security features to protect your datas and personal information. We will never share your personal information with any other organisation.

how you can have Yagnas         free recommendation


















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