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Wherever you are in the world, no matter your nationality or religion, you can benefit from Yagnas. You do not need to attend physically to benefit from them (although you are most welcome to attend to your own Yagnas in person minimum Yagnas category recommended). Please fill the following form with all your questions, in full confidence of your privacy.


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YBC Vedic Foundation

registered office:

PO Bahalda, District Mayurbhanj

Vlg Jhadgram Shasan, 757046

Orissa, India



Coordinators in India


Brahmins families : Trustees of YBC Vedic Foundation


 Telephone (Emergencies only)


                       for emergencies only (such as life threatening situation).

                       Otherwise please kindly use form online


                       India +91-22-6645-9712


           Ashrams-Villages addresses 


                       Available to all Officials

                       & all Members attending to their own Yagnas in person




                       Volunteers from around the world are generously giving

                       some of their time to assist you in your Yagnas journey.

                       All have a minimum 15 years experience with their own

                       Personal Yagnas & all live with us in India many months

                       every year. Your region and references will determine

                       who will be assisting you.




                     technical : D.K.P, KL India

editing: B.Chandra Manju, Singapore



Registered addresses in America, Europe, Africa & Asia


All addresses available to all Officials & all Internet Providers



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